Anxiety and Depression

Terrini M. Woods

Terrini M. Woods

Is a lay counselor with over 20 years counseling residents of South Florida. She has a master’s degree in therapy for persons with chronic mental health issues.

Both Anxiety and Depression are normal emotion to experience. Anxiety occurs in response to high-

stakes or dangerous situations while depression is caused by disappointing or upsetting circumstances.

They are brain’s way of reacting of reacting to stress. Anxiety and depression share a biological basis but

they are experienced differently. Anxiety and depression can occur sequentially or one in reaction to

another but they can also co-occur but once they reach the threshold, they can become comorbid



Difference Between Anxiety and Depression: Mental and Physical

While anxiety and depression have distinct psychological features, their symptoms or expressions of the
conditions are different and here is how you can differentiate the two:

Mental Markers of Anxiety

People with anxiety often experience:

In a nutshell, people with anxiety are mentally preoccupied with worry that is often disproportionate
with reality or the actual risk.

Mental Markers of Depression

Depressed people often feel:

When it comes to physical signs, people with anxiety often manifest the following physical symptoms:

Depressed people on the other hand shows the following symptoms:

The sigs of the two mental illness aren’t always obvious and just because you are experiencing one of
those symptoms doesn’t mean you have anxiety disorder or depression. But if you always feel one of the
symptoms or you feel like you no longer have pleasure in life, then you certainly need to get help. The
first best step would be to reach out to family and friends or to people who might be understanding,
helpful or compassionate but if you are too worried or too embarrassed to show your feeling with the
people close to you, then it is best to set an appointment to your doctor.


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