Good, Better, Best

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How are those “New Year resolutions going…?This is the time we either lose interest or throw those resolutions out the window… due to small or no progress.  Today I would like to share with you the idea of a restart by evaluating your goal intention.  Check this out, what about…


GOOD is safe, comfortable and unchallenging, GOOD appears quiet, compromising and let’s different and unknowns pass by… is that GOOD? …and if so for whom?

BETTER causes us to focus more, give more, and move out of our comfort zones and FEEL. Yes feel stuff like doubt, uncertainty and possible fear.  Questions pop into our spirit and mind like… Is this right? Should I go here? Do this? Say that?…etc… GOOD fosters an air of contemplation and an unspoken thought could be …what is BETTER about that???

BEST, just saying the word conjurers up feelings of excitement, newness and refreshing unlimited possibilities! The word BEST feels like acquiring superhero powers!! BEST pushes you to places, thoughts, relationships and experiences that are created only for the elite, the elect, and those chosen by God to invest in the vision He has placed in them. WOW, I hope this is causing you to jump up and down, revving to go go go!!!!

So the question is why do we settle for GOOD which can manifest in “just enough behaviors, mediocre efforts and lackadaisical attitudes.

So let’s consider what the word of our Heavenly Father offers.  In Matthew 25:14-30; there is a parable (short story that teaches a lesson) about opportunities. A business owner was going on an extended trip and called three staff members to delegate specific responsibilities during his absence.  One he gave $5K, another $2K and the last member he gave $1K to invest at their ability. The first staff member doubled the money and so did the second, but the last staffer dug a hole and buried the money.  When the business owner returned, he called for a report from the staffers. The staffers with $5k and $2K doubled their investments and the owner commended them saying “…. GOOD work, job well done…” and He promoted them both.  The last staffer said, “Sir, I know you have high standards and hate careless ways, that you demand the BEST and make no allowances for error. I was afraid I might disappoint you so I found a GOOD hiding place (in the ground) and secured your money. (I.e. no growth…) The owner was furious. If you knew I was this way, why did you do less than least?!? The least you could have done was put the money in the bank and collect the minimum interest. The owner took the $1K and give it to the staffer who took the largest leap of faith. In anger the owner said, “take this play-it-safe staffer and throw him into utter darkness”. (Message Bible)